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Journal of Speech Sciences

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Vol. 12 (2023)
Published April 18, 2023

Scope: The Journal of Speech Sciences [JoSS] covers experimental aspects that deal with scientific aspects of speech, language and linguistic communication processes. Coverage also includes articles dealing with pathological topics, or articles of an interdisciplinary nature, provided that experimental and linguistic principles underlie the work reported. Experimental approaches are emphasized in order to stimulate the development of new methodologies, of new annotated corpora, of new techniques aiming at fully testing current theories of speech production, perception, as well as phonetic and phonological theories and their interfaces.
Qualis: B1
Knowledge area: Linguística e Literatura 
Founded since: 2011
E-ISSN: 2236-9740
Short title: J. of Speech Sci.
Unit: IEL
DOI: 10.20396

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