About the Journal


The JoSS covers experimental aspects that deal with scientific aspects of speech, language and linguistic communication processes. Coverage also includes articles dealing with pathological topics, or articles of an interdisciplinary nature, provided that experimental and linguistic principles underlie the work reported. Experimental approaches are emphasized in order to stimulate the development of new methodologies, of new annotated corpora, of new techniques aiming at fully testing current theories of speech production, perception, as well as phonetic and phonological theories and their interfaces.


Since volume 9 (2020), the Journal of Speech Sciences adopted the system of continuous publication (rolling pass), which will reduce time for publication.
There will be only one volume per year, and a single editorial paper will be published at the end of each year.

Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism

In order to enhance academic integrity and prevent plagiarism, JoSS uses the Turnitin database for identifying text similarity. Turnitin is a platform implemented at the University since November 2016.

Qualis / CAPES - Evaluation

  Source: Sucupira - Capes, 2013-2016

  • In the evaluation carried out in 2019, the journal moves to extract A3.

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